18th November - Film Masterclass with Kamal Aljafari

3:00PM - DLT Lecture Theatre, SOAS university, BLOOMSBURY, WC1H 0XG


Kamal Masterclass.jpg

Kamal Aljafari's work re-purposing footage is paradox to the inventiveness of his films. Creating antipodal worlds, Aljafari is consistently reconstructing a lost city into new and productive spaces, making the unseen visible by focusing on the margins. At times surreal and ethereal, through his work, he reframes and rearranges, pondering the infinite options images present in connecting pasts, presents and futures. Aljafari's work meticulously utilizes the power of cinema to escape towards imaginative solutions and new futures. 

In this unique masterclass, Aljafari will trace his filmmaking path, whereby old footage from his native city of Jaffa follows him towards new beginnings. With examples of past projects and works-in-progress, Aljafari will discuss the ideas, images and technical processes that stimulate his expanding body of work.

This special presentation will be followed by an audience lead discussion.